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Jessica Nicole


They are responsible for so many emotional moments in my life. Good and bad. Too many times — like this past weekend — I’ve been left sitting in the studio with my lights set up and everything ready to go but no model (or an extremely late one), much like a schoolgirl waiting by the phone for the quarterback to call and ask her to the prom like she heard he was going to. Many of my photographer friends know all too well that frustration of dealing with a flake who lacks even the basic professionalism or personal courtesy to phone ahead and say she can’t make it as planned.

I toyed with the idea of “outing” models who behave in such a way. It would surely be a long list because, after all, in a lot of cases, we are dealing with young women who are barely out of range of being teenagers, still having everything handed to them on a silver platter by men because of their looks. To them, no-showing on a photographer is the same as blowing off their girlfriend on a day of shopping to spend time with a cute guy instead.

I think half of the time these Internet models set up a profile and then move on to their next interest a couple of hours later. Or at least that’s the justification I give myself as to why they haven’t rushed to shoot with me in a heartbeat.

Rather than doing a “bad” models list, I feel compelled to do a GOOD MODEL LIST. I do so at the risk of leaving people out who deserve to be in it. But when you’ve been doing this for 20+ years, you meet a helluva lot of great people and fall out of touch with others.

That is, some of my favorites that I can recommend with absolute confidence. They are the ones who deserve the praise and the shooting opportunities. So here are a few (with links to their web sites):

Jessica Nicole Lewis – My personal muse, just a wonderful person and has the most professional attitude and work habits of any model I’ve ever experienced. She consistently delivers great looks and we always get terrific images. I count myself blessed that she chooses to keep collaborating with me.

Tara Lynn Overby – Not only one of my favorite models from the past 20 years (I’ve known her for a couple of those years), but also a dear friend. She’s not only beautiful but cares deeply about the quality of the art. We did a bikini shoot on a cold, rainy day and she wanted to keep going until we turned good into great. She also did wardrobe for a recent shoot, plus makeup for herself and another model, plus she found the location. She’s definitely one who keeps an open invitation to shoot with me anytime she wants.

Kate Veltkamp – Ridiculously beautiful redhead with natural body. She and her husband own a photo business so she fully grasps the process. We’ve shot twice, would love to get her in front of my camera again. Great for beauty and fashion work, does zero nude/fetish/lingerie/pinup.

Rabecca Lee – She’s very sassy and her personality makes for a fun shoot. Has a beautiful face and a body for glamour work. She is also a fitness competitor but not so muscular as to look masculine the way some do. We’ve shot together four times now and I always get great stuff, plus she’s a pro.

Hanna LaBritt – She’s my favorite glamour model at the moment. We’ve shot twice now. Very leggy and voluptuous blonde. Her mother usually comes with her to shoots but doesn’t get in the way. You can find her in Resaca, Georgia. She loves the camera!

Megan Bales – Extremely beautiful and fit model from Tennessee. Looks amazing in a bikini. Took us a while to get our shoot together but she gave a great effort and the results made a splash. Recently shot with her a second time and even better.

Missy Robinson – Formerly a local model, she’s gone on to the big time and appears as a published model. She did my first shoot for Mensclick, which led to me doing, so I have a special place in my heart for Missy. She’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Jocelyn Binder – Ravishing. Stunning. Professional. Hire her.

Claudia G – She beautiful and has an amazing body and sensuality. In the dictionary under the words “saucy latina” there is a photo of this Texas model. She’s also a real pro who has been widely published. One of the most fun photo shoots I’ve ever done. I adore her.

Sumlee Anderson – This L.A. girl has a body made for putting on a pedestal, plus an exotic beauty that makes for a great overall package. I spent 10 days with her in the desert shooting under difficult conditions. I can’t speak for her reliability because I only shot with her twice during that time, but she’s definitely worth collaborating with and I would shoot with her again anytime.

Sara Neocia – 19 but seemed very mature and enthusiastic about getting great stuff. Usually not a fan of short hair but she wears it very stylishly. Very leggy and slender.

Raven Lexy – Insanely gorgeous LA model. And super sweet. I desperately wish I could shoot with her again. She is a walking Barbie doll.

Summer Alexis – One of my favorites from I never personally shot with her but amazing in so many ways.

Natalie Bonner – Cute blonde from Birmingham, Alabama. Very creative.

Tiffany Paige Brooks – Gorgeous blonde I shot fashion, swimwear and lingerie with. She’s a singer so she has a talent for eye contact. Amazing bod.

Ivy Holt – Has a great attitude and girl next door appeal.

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