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My Favorite Shoots: Claudia G

Starting a new feature on this blog called “My Favorite Shoots” where I recall some of my favorite photo shoots from 20+ years of doing this. It’s a chance to tell some behind the scenes stories and recycle some older content that’s still appealing.

This post is dedicated to the lovely Claudia G, a gorgeous latina from San Antonio, Texas. I first met Claudia when I flew her in to Atlanta, Georgia for a photo shoot and feature.

Yes, she’s a real beauty and has a body that is out of this world. But what I found most appealing about Claudia was her colorful personality. She impressed me as the kind of person who is the life of any party, yet she was a complete professional when it came time to do the shoot with myself and Rick Hughes.

I recall that she was having a very difficult time that weekend, as some personal issues arose just before she flew to Atlanta. It would have been fun to see her full-tilt rather than a bit somber. She actually flew in with another Texas model, Erica Kelly, who is also gorgeous. Two of the sweetest models I’ve had the opportunity to get to know.

I also remember that I hurt my back and Claudia was kind enough to offer to walk on it with her petite feet to relieve some of the stress on my spine. Not all models would be that personable, but she was a real cool chick. After we got what we needed for the shoots, we goofed off and did some fun shots. She looked hot, I looked like my usual dorky self.

Steven Claudia

I also remember she was the queen of fan interaction on Myspace (yes back then Myspace was the place to be). I remember telling her a year or so ago that Myspace was becoming old news and she needed to check out this thing called Twitter. I don’t know if she believed me then, but she sure does make the most of it today and has 16,346 followers. Here is her Twitter for you to jump on the bandwagon:

Visit her official Facebook page at

She does a lot of car shows and party hosting. After our shoot, I dropped her off at the home of one of the NOPI founders in Atlanta. It was cool to meet him, thanks to her invitation to introduce us. Definitely an unforgettable weekend!

Below are a few of my favorite images that I got of her from that day.


Claudia 112


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