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New Day, New Look

My long hair experiment has ended. I sought a variety of feedback, most of which said I looked better with short hair. I think I have to agree.

What do you think?


I realize I picked a grunged out headshot to represent the before look, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how I looked with hair long enough to put in a ponytail. Never had it that long before, ever. For every woman who said she liked it long, there were three who preferred it short. And sorry fellas, but I could give a crap what any boys think. One model friend said the longer hair looked like I either didn’t care about my hair looking good or else looked like I was trying really hard to seem cooler than I am. And just this morning, in what might have been the final straw, a lady on a dating website said my hair was “something out of the seventies.” Honesty can hurt. We’ll see now

It was only fitting that I cut it short since I am in the job market. It might have been the artsy, laid-back look to have long locks, but it made me feel self-conscious, plus I got tired of it blowing in my face on windy days when I was outside doing photo shoots. I’ve been in a bit of a personal and professional funk here lately, so maybe, silly as it sounds, I can reboot some things with a look I am more accustomed to sporting. I already feel more like my old self.

I doubt I will ever grow it that long again. That awkward period of about two months (when it was more poofy on the sides than long in the back) was just terrible. Plus I embarrassed my dear old mom at the Benefield family Christmas get-together, where she worried what her ultraconservative sister would say. Gotta make mom happy.


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