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Pinterest, Gentlemint Make Web Curation Easy

This is Pinterest

New sites and apps come along all the time, but one site/app that seems to be picking up considerable steam lately is Pinterest. Being an early adopter of all things cool, I had to check it out a few months back.

It’s a cool concept — “pinning” things you like to a virtual wall for saving to look at later and share with others — and as a packrat myself, it’s also very useful. I added the “Pin It” button to my browsers, allowing me to find some random thing on the web and share it in one central place. It’s also something of a vision board, a place to go for inspiration on the things you eventually want to attain in your life — and not all of it is tangible but rather conceptual. The idea is that if you can see it, with some work or saving eventually you can be it.

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There’s so much stuff on the web now, the future seems to be curation of that content and setting yourself up as something of an authority on whatever widget fascinates you.

Pinterest has a bit of a Tumblr vibe to it, I must say. Visual inspiration is everywhere and easy to share. Any photographer who ignores this site/app does so at the risk of missing a captive audience of potential consumers. Think of it: your images displayed on other people’s pinboards simply because they like them. That’s a no brainer.

The targeted demo for Pinterest is unquestionably female. The typical user that comes to mind is the bride-to-be who is scouring the web for wedding ideas. It’s also great for getting home decorating ideas that you probably never would have thought of on your own. I read there’s a more man-centric version of Pinterest now called Gentlemint. I’m definitely going to have a presence there, as well.

Be sure to send me a friend or follow request on those sites. Both require an invite. You know, because you have to be hip enough to get in…

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