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Let’s Be Friends!



In my last blog post, I wrote about my diverse group of friends from many walks of life. Well, if you haven’t already, come aboard!

Please feel free to add me to your circles on Google+. Here’s the link to my profile. I fit perfectly into your circle for “Photographers” or “Friends” or “Devilishly Handsome Single Guys.”

Just getting comfortable on that social network. I signed up when they first started, but it makes a difference when there are actually other people there. I initially felt like a loner walking the desert in the beginning.

Here are some other places you can find me and add me because, yes, I’m just that damn fascinating…

FACEBOOK – You and your grandma are already there, so why not?

TWITTER – Sarcasm at its finest, plus many many links to articles about photography and pictures of pretty girls.

LINKEDIN – Somebody gimme a job!

YOUTUBE – It’s SteveTV!

TUMBLR – I love love love Tumblr and this is my presence there. My Instagram flows in there like a steady stream of awesome most of the time.

PINTEREST – See my vast virtual scrapbook of images that inspire my photography, what I wear and what I want my home to look like someday.

MYSPACE – Yes, my 8,549 friends and I are still there. Where have you been since 2008?

FOURSQUARE – Are you stalking me? It’s okay as long as you’re beautiful and frisky. And a woman. Or you owe me money and wanna find me so you can pay me back.

BEHANCE – My finest photography on display.

FLICKR – Not a hardcore user, but there nonetheless.

MODEL MAYHEM – Photography across the genres. But mostly hot chicks.

SOLOMODELS – Ditto kiddo. Tell em I sent ya.

FORMSPRING – Go ahead. Ask me a question. Yes, I do like you and want to be your boyfriend. Unless you are ugly or a dude.

I’ll add more as I have time.





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